Saturday, May 13, 2006

Uncautious Cormorand

Another bird speaks to me
of his innate ability
to stand and BE
as he was intended

Wing outstretched
buffetted and blown
It matters not that the wind
keeps on

He knows his place
and stands firm
unapologetic to any one
but not competing with
the one nearby
who also knows his place
is sure
here and in the sky

I see you first
exposing dark corners
for all to view
your spenderous limbs
The other outstretched
and ready to embrace
freely all that comes his way

Let me take your
lessons to my heart
Open my eyes and arms
to all that life imparts
Let the wind not buffet
but blow all my ills
away and show
that I can stand
arms outstretched
and not demand
but take what comes
be still
still BE
and STAND.


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