Saturday, May 13, 2006

Spring Morning Revelations

These hairs of brow and lip and chin
are the bane of my
declaring my unfeminity
my age
the necessity of
continual upkeep

I look around
we're all vulnerable
regardless of our vigilence
I spy that curly fellow
she missed in her morning inspection
and think
she is too young
to have to deal and conceal

My sisters are
polar opposites
one with hairy
One with
prebooked ongoing
dedicated time
to ferreting out
every last
dark and twisted traitor
while she chases
the first sister
with her self same
instruments of torture
and submission

And I think
of languishing days
far off (?) -
who will come and assist
my frail hand with
my continual upkeep?
my frail eyes fail

And what will you say
think and do
when the truth is revealed?
Your critical eye
I've seen before
and felt it's heat
as my delicate heart
But I've learned
what it is I need
To stretch my cormorand wings
bolder than a
flasher with
trech coat flapping
taking it all off
revealing every
crack and hair
flaw and droop and sag
And to hell
with you
if you can't see
the beauty
of every
line and wrinkle
bought and paid for
each with meaning
and worth


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