Monday, March 20, 2017

All I need to know

Quiet murmurs break the
I fear disturbing the young boy
Outpourings of the deep
now under dim lights

And in ancient times
she appeared deranged
as her lips moved without sound

Kneeling on the hard polished stone
hand resting at the cool marble rain
feeling the years in my knees

Purple diffuses up and around
illuminating magical mosaics now 
dancing and singing their 
fractal originality
and soothing beauty

This place oozes with spirit
Old and new
it has been part of my cosmos
for long years
reaching out and caressing
my soul in a myriad of ghostly touches

Sister's heels
like a metronome, keeping time beside me
walks through quiet desserted halls
classrooms for practice and instruction
begun with imbedded prayers in common

The beginning of multiplicities in my matrix
a way of seeing
a way of being

There is no solo echo in these halls now
The small seed in the crucible has sprouted 
to the riot of a spring cachophany

Young things chirping
Singing the song of the universe

I return
Full circle
to begin again
an unknown journey
with other travelers yet to be introduced

And the small solitary girl?
She remains my constant companion.


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