Thursday, June 02, 2011

Pure (Mother)

We rush and fuss
And run and cook and plan
Because we need you to know
That your years matter to US

We gather to honour
Pay tribute and laud
The Mother we love
The Woman you are

Yes, we tease
All your delightful entricities
As you offer us
A nice sang-wich
And a glass of melk
Poured from a bohtle

Not bothered, you shrug
You know who you are

And we remember
How you told us
Our little fingers were the perfect size
For cleaning in this little corner
right over here
Be sure to get right in there

And how “that’s a good job for you”
Always meant it would be a recurring one

But as you work so hard
For us, for others, for beauty

What I see is your heart
Rising again to face another day
Your heart reaching out
Doing for others
Your best offer for nurturing
Pulling from all of us, strangers and friends
Our best efforts on behalf of others

You are


Anonymous Virpi said...

Hello and thanks for visiting my baking blog :)

Are all these poems written by you? Amazing! They are quite touching. You must have many years of experience in this.

I hope you have great autumn and lots of fun writing your poems.

5:30 am  

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