Sunday, January 02, 2011


Crown glass
older than it's contents
garage sale score
just 50 cents.

Those old things are great
they line my shelves and protect
provisions, staples, spices.

This one has been the safe keeper
of history collected in thrift.

I examine the covers
phone numbers (7 digits only)
likely reassigned by now
travels stretching east,
inns, motels
restaurants afar west.

Princeton, Perth,
Orillia, Oshawa
Kitchener, Cobourg.

Peaceful dinners with a faithful friend,
lover, son or daughter.

Matchbooks unconsciously slid in jacket pocket
while smooth scotch mint tumbles across
mountains of molars
to rest, tucked against cheek.

Key turns in ignition
and all 8 cylinders rumble to life
away on adventure or
heading home
or with little ones sprawled,
asleep in the back
long before car seat.

Each packet tells me a story
as I pull them through the wide mouth
of the glass Crown jar
one by one.

And I'm left wondering
did Sue & Bob make it the 
the 34th celebration of their day?
October 9th, 1976
preserved in silver script
bottled in glass.


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