Friday, December 17, 2010

Reader of Hearts

He said I should write more
that boy across the sea
I fear he wants to see
inside of me.

He thinks he 
can decipher my cipher
divinate the truth from strings of words
coupled here, scattered there.

I'm flattered he would even bother to inquire
touched by his interest and care
about what he might find 

But, his curiosity raises my panic
ever so slightly
gallop of heartbeats
flash across the screen
what will he read in my electricity

For this is his craft, his science, his art
seeing meaningful patterns where others 
see only strange lines and squiggles

I love that he still
is willing to listen and search
after so many years
seeking, leaning, learning,
looking for meaning
among all of our scribbles and phrases,
micro-expressions and grimaces.

He, the reader of hearts.
You know who you are.


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