Tuesday, July 21, 2009


her back, a cat's curve
knees to chest
huddled on the curb

Her eyes locked with his
as if it were a contest
neither willing to break
the tenuous human connection
their spell destroyed by my nearness
their self imposed bliss
an adolescent solitary cell
sprung open
their interlacing fingers
knowingly land entwined
raw with the urge
to merge

as they flee the interruption

I nudge my envy
into the land
of wonderment and thankfulness

This possibility awaits for me
even as if
a faint hope

never guessing
in a few short hours
I will turn and face
the headlights of your
approaching desire

Yes, I was startled
here? now?
and your shyness fell away
like a molted layer of you
no longer necessary

I felt nineteen again
as your lip slid past mine
smooth and
wetly soft
lychee flesh

But best of all
you whispered
"where have you been?"
and sheltered me in your arms


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