Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pretty Penises (Is that the plural form or is it Penii?)

I'm naughty now
freed to write
whatever I want

Is this unethical
to write about
confidentially revealed
body parts
examined in the
line of duty?

They really do come
(pardon the pun)
in a wide array
of forms

some barely worth
in the sea
of humanity and

Others are so
remarkable in
their quirkiness
or sheer size
they deserve an
honourable mention
in my end of day
telephone debrief

Unrelated to
professional experiences
of particular note

Clearly marked in memory
was the guy
in life drawing class
who posed for us

Before that
I never thought
unaltered flesh
could be so exquisitely

But he was
like those guys
that wear a sweater
just tight enough

They know
they've got
and so do you.


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