Thursday, November 20, 2008


I was shocked
when he called me
a prick
no one ever speaks
to me that way

I bristled
felt outraged
self righteous
how dare he

I brushed it off
you know
cut him some old guy
senility slack
when he mocked my gap toothed grin

But how could my affection
not grow
when he patted
my arm and muttered
"there's something
I like about you - I don't know what it is - but
I could just kiss you"

(watch out
cuz the old guy might
cop a feel too)

He's done it
more than once
making me wonder
how that ischemic and decayed
mass of gray matter
really works

an undertow took him many years ago

Sometimes as I see
the tide rise and
the wave overtake him
a beast is unleashed

Can the two sides of the coin
be separated or reconciled
which one is a true reflection
of the soul

What will escape
when my time comes
if I don't flush out
flesh out
all the anger now

and will you be there
son of the father
to hold my hand
give me a kiss?


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