Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I had to go see him
Even though I heard
second hand
"He's OK"

I had to lay eyes
upon this man
I'm not ready 
to part with

So I paid for
my parking - overpriced
(and you can be sure he would comment about it)
just to lay hands
on this man I call

He was OK

the emergency visit
a bit of an overreaction
a cautionary action
for one who realizes
he's been given more than 
his allotted threescore and ten

You can't go yet

I hold his hand 
during the 30 minutes
for which I paid a 
small ransom

Fingers still thick
and strong
although strangers 
to hard labour

I examine line upon line
etched and chiseled
in brow and bridge
as his lips continue 
to shape and form
even more tales for me to enjoy

I think of old age
yours and mine
some years on

And I look forward to the day
when you will hold
my hand
and we will read
in our lines 
and crinkles
the stories we
have witnessed
and written 


Blogger Vanity said...

This one made me cry.

11:34 am  

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