Friday, February 29, 2008

This one is just for You

You words
my words
seem silly, trite as
I think of recounting them

But they were not
we thought of what
it would be like to be
toGETHER at least
temporarily, initially

Your daydreams of
a twirling lady
my late nights, unable to rest
follow by spontaneous
early awakenings

Faux telephone kisses
wet and exaggerated
perfecting the sound
for you to enjoy
flirty words written
and deliciously
inappropriate silences
over the wires

I like the way you
looked tall and hurried
as you emerged from
your car

Eyes shielded by your
Serengetis and
your timid repeated
closed mouth kisses
as you encircled me
with your long arm
strumming my side
like I had a tune
for you to play

You were so polite
"Can I rub on you?"
"Am I smashing you?"

Yet you rudely woke me
boldly wanting to show me
something tangible

Later I realized
I wanted you to ask me
those same questions
to seek me out
when I was 81 and
you 84
[presuming I'm given a small portion
of the longevity enjoyed by your lineage]

But you still
blew me away
the morning after
with talk of Japan
and footing the bill
over bacon and eggs and pancakes
and your "what ifs?"
prior to departure

And I wonder, will you
do you
grow tired of me requiring you
to spell-it-out
too impatient to wait
since you set
an early standard
of rushing to the place
where we're headed
[who am I kidding, I'd rush anyways]

This one year we've had
365 days
so few without words
one way or another
and prayers aplenty
spoken or thought
together and apart

Is it enough
to know?

Can we make it
to 81, 84 and
still wanting the comfort


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