Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My own private hell

Dark and dank
lonely it is, here
as I try to figure me
figure you

Here everything is wrong
everything I do
and think and say

Add to that 
you say

It's all pointed
at making me feel

Shitty because
I devalue myself
because I let you
devalue me
because I let you see the real me
let you see how I see
what I don't want to see
or be

I'm poor
neglected dejected
and outcast

I am at the same time
sick of my wallowing in this
pity pit
Can someone rescue
redeem me

Dare I ask for more that that

Dare I ask to be the cherished jewel

Feeling - somehow
the cosmic forces
will put me in my place
for daring to aspire 


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