Monday, March 20, 2017


Your words are no less plenteous
You still want to connect
understand and be

I want to transcribe every 
last random ridiculous word
so I will have them all
puzzle pieces to be shuffled around
and reassembled 
I won't ever loose you
not even one piece of you

Even now, I see your care
and concern for me, for others
Your willingness to show up 
be faithful
Your legacy inspiring us to
keep constant

Your easy down home charm
leaking from the corners of your
crooked half smile
escaping still
in a responsive a-ha

The broken cogs trying to mesh
make sense of it ALL

Your innate ability to take pleasure
somehow find pleasure in it
ALL - however small

The pearls falling in between
the swiss cheese holes
I'll take the bag - collect your marbles
every one deserving of display
and attention.


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