Tuesday, June 27, 2006


How could I get it
so wrong?
feel so much
so soon
so strong

I won't
chastise myself
for trying you on
seeing if you'd fit
and move with me

And just because
you're blind, dumb
and you can't see
or feel
doesn't mean I'm
not me, terrifically
and I really do
have chemistry

The blade you wield
is sharp and concealed
but I'll toughen
my Shell
so you'll only spill
a tiny bit of
cap refill

One or two
seconds will pass
and no trace
will remain
of where you pressed
up against
my frame

No three layer closure
with repair
is necessary here
let's call it
what it is
a graze, a nick
an abrasive abrasion
a superficial laceration

An occasional fall
with bump or bruise
can't be avoided
as part of the deal
just let me rest and heal
regain the balance
I hold so dear


Blogger Lauri said...

That's a deep, emotional poem/song; I appreciate your creativity

7:30 pm  

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