Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It just won't stop

can you see this joy
in all I do and say
it is uncontainable

I smile at everyone
talk to strangers
coo at babies
am generous with my love

And I don't want
anyone to think
that this new love is
the only reason

Joy began to bubble
long before he appeared
it is not dependant
on him

It was there before
it will endure after
(if I am called upon
once again
to go it alone)

But I welcome
his company
his comfort
his armstrong strong arm
and pray I can offer
a little of the same


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have been waiting for you to post some more poetry. it's been 3 weeks! i really like your style. have a gander at mine if you want, you may not like it because it's alittle different to yours. www.eleven--eleven.blogspot.com

may i put your blog address in my links?

1:54 pm  

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