Tuesday, February 20, 2007

DD (It is safe to assume, I could never be confused with a small breasted woman)

Grade Five
I think it was
surreptitiously pulling
and rearranging the straps
of this foreign
contraption I seemed
to be required to wear
?wanted to wear?

They appeared fully grown

I don't remember
the buds
Tanner II
even though I remember
my brother teasing
and boasting
he had "more than me"
the ultimate insult
to a girl in training

Some days
like all my other baggage
I get tired of
carrying them around
am willing to go
under the knife
to lighten the load

They're distracting
they weight us down
we're weary of the
unsolicited attention
if they don't sag yet
they will
and what's the big deal

I vividly remember
how my affection for him
the husband who was not mine
grew tenfold
that moment

My friend
mother of four
breastfeeding her first
lamenting her sagging
useful breasts and
he graciously
offered to hold them up

With that one statement
saying so much she
needed to hear
so much I needed to hear

There are those
there is one
who will respond to my lament
"they're not young and firm"
with "WHO CARES!"

and I'm free
to throw off
the straps and containment
for he loves me


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