Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It just won't stop

can you see this joy
in all I do and say
it is uncontainable

I smile at everyone
talk to strangers
coo at babies
am generous with my love

And I don't want
anyone to think
that this new love is
the only reason

Joy began to bubble
long before he appeared
it is not dependant
on him

It was there before
it will endure after
(if I am called upon
once again
to go it alone)

But I welcome
his company
his comfort
his armstrong strong arm
and pray I can offer
a little of the same

A Sunny Day

I need to find a spot
to sit and write
that I feel

it is You
smiling down on me
on us
as if you delight
in this new

My words are inadequate
to explain this sense
of benevolence
of blessing
of gifts
wrapped and waiting
for us to discover
Just a book

I don't know who he is
never read any
of his words before

But they laid me waste
fallen down
face on floor
weeping and broken open

No longer crushed and ruined
but prostrate in absolute gratitude
for the distance
You've drawn me, wooed me
and loved me along

His words are so right
bring restoration

Healing and repair are
the miracle of
as you play with me
delight in me
with me
in my wonder
at You and Your world
You did this for me

And I feel Your pleasure
in all I have become
and am yet to BE

O, Draw me on
by your grace
Your Grace

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sacred Trust

Within moments
of our introduction
I have the boldness
to ask
questions no one
has ever posed
secrets approached
because I know
they exist

And you spill
sometimes more than you
your nakedness apparent
before you remove
even one stitch of clothing

You let me touch you
I touch your
alongside your
desire and aspirations
hopes and dreams
what you could be
what you want to be
what you hide from me
and even from yourself

I'll ask
the hard questions
making you look
at what you don't wish to see

You need to know
with the laying on of hands
these hands
comes the breath
of prayer
for you to know
the grace
that sets us free

To know
the care of The One
who created you
so perfectly

Monday, November 06, 2006

A Poem of Wonder

I sit down and pour myself
another cup of poetry
this sunny afternoon
as prayers
go up for you
my new found "phone-a friend"
at the end
of this leg
of your journey

Four short weeks
and many hours shared
as we begin to build
that might endure

I pray for a way
to know the way
the path to tread
or with you